Site Help

I assume most of the problems with this site would be associated with navigation. If you are having trouble navigationg this site, you can click on the question mark near the bottom left corner of the browser window. This will take you to the page information. Up in the top right there is a link called Site Map. Clicking on that will take you to a list of all the possible pages on this site. Then you can simply click on any category in that list.

For a list of all the pages on this site click here.

I will also make a point about how this site is set up. It has seven basic sections: News, Game Info, Land of the Dead, Gallery, The Stuff,  Links and Page Info.

News is just news about the site anything happening in the Grim Fandango neighbourhood or even LucasArts in general.

Game Info is just information about the game - press release, requirements, credits etc

Land of the Dead is where I'm hoping this site will take off. This section covers anything to do with the game world - characters, locations, story items etc. Hopefully soon this will be a very comprehensive section.

Gallery is just screenshots from the game.

The Stuff is the second main section. It contains all the downloads, fan items, writing and anything else to do with Grim Fandango.

Links are as it says, just links to other sites.

Finally Page Info contains information about this site (I may actually rename this to Site Info - it would make more sense). It also contains the Site Map, this Help and the sites references.

I hope that clears up somethings, if not email me.

Created by Zaarin. Design Copyright (c) 2000. This site is not endorsed by LucasArts or any other company mentioned in these pages. Anything found in these pages will have an attempt at finding references for them if they were not created by myself. You may use any material found on these pages without permission, but it would be nice to have an idea how many people are using what, and a link to my site from yours.

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