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The Petrified Forest was created from my great liking of Lucasarts' Grim Fandango. It does not contain anything unusual at the moment, in fact it doesn't really contain anything at all!! (NOTE: Soon to be rectified...).

The page has been designed at 1024x768 using Internet Explorer 5.5. I am adjusting it to work at 800x600, but for optimal viewing I would suggest 1024x768. Sorry for any people at 640x480, maybe if everyones desperate I'll design it so it looks good at that resolution, but then again maybe not - depends if many people want it.

I am a firm believer in "sharing" and in the future you will likely see images, sounds, games etc on this site that have been taken directly from another site. And for anyone visiting, you may take anything you like from this page without asking my permission!. But [here we go...] I would appreciate a short note saying what you are getting if it is to be published on the web (this is purely so I can see what is liked and wanted on my site), or a reference and or link from your site to mine. I will return the cutesy by always trying to reference where I got the object from and a link to the site I got it from.

Anyway you can email me here if you have any questions, requests or whatever (doesn't really matter what about, I'm flexible - I can almost touch my toes... *cough*).


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Created by Zaarin. Design Copyright (c) 2000. This site is not endorsed by LucasArts or any other company mentioned in these pages. Anything found in these pages will have an attempt at finding references for them if they were not created by myself. You may use any material found on these pages without permission, but it would be nice to have an idea how many people are using what, and a link to my site from yours.

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