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Well, I have left this site to help work on Grim Fandango Central. This site will now be left alone. Everything will still remain, so feel free to browse it if you like.


Wow!! My first feedback, I'm in the big leagues now - today some feedback, tomorrow the WORLD!!

View it here if your really bored.

Ok, I know its been a while since the last update but there has been other things that I had to do.

I've now added more pics in the gallery, and added basic information for all the locastions in the land of the dead.

A fairly small site has just caught my attention. iMuse Island. They are basically an archive of MIDIs, MP3s, fanmusic and sheet music from the LucasArts game. I definately reccomend that you check them out if you are like me, and love the music from the LucasArts games.

I pause in updating has occured due to a few reasons - one being our modem broke. But everythings back to normal now so expect more updates.

Some more small updates.

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A small html tweak.
A Grim Fandango mailing list has been created. It can be used to discuss Grim Fandango and any other LucasArts news. To subscribe please click the opposite link, or through my links page.

It is done through egroups. I have been a member of egroups for a while now and it is very good. They do not disclose your email or anything like that, so join up now - and lets make this work!!


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