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Anyone out there know java well? If so could you please take a look at the main navigation links. They're mean't to be preloaded - but they don't. If someone could show me what I've done wrong - maybe even fix it up for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also I am trying to get hosting at GFN. If anyone could help me, or if someone from GFN see's this site, well I would appreciate anything.

A very, very early version of a Land of the Dead section can be found here. It's Rubacava and I've just started to create it - doesn't even have any images yet. Please note that the actual Land of the Dead pages do not have to match the rest of this site. Also if you are interested in taking control of a particular section in the Land of the Dead (ie You wanted to be in charge of El Marrow) I would accept that and in fact appreciate it. Just mail me if you are interested.

Submissions for this site can be mailed here, or read more about it here.

I have joined the webring and am hopeing to find hosting at another site, because the Geocities popups keep covering my page, and they alter the html so it doesn't always work properly. For those people browsing through my site who find that it can't access a page (ie missing), try again in about 10 or 15 seconds because I'm probably uploading a newer version of the page and sometimes I have to delete the original page first.

Any submissions for any pages would still be greatly appreciated. I will hopefully create an example of what can be done soon.

I am still getting this site up and running. I haven't heard back from the webring so I might try at a different site. Nor have I heard about hosting so I am stuck here at Geocities for a while longer.

By the way, sometime soon I will actually post news about Grim Fandango. But I'm just trying to get this page running.

I will always be happy to recieve submissions for the "Land of the Dead" section go here for more info.

Continued working on the creation of the site. Also looked at places for possible hosting, and applied for the Grim Fandango webring.

Redesign of some layouts etc. Put in more content (ie. put in content), and so on.

I would greatly appreciate it if people would send in articles etc for the "Land of the Dead" section. Hopefully this will become a very comprehensive section.

Send them here if you want to.

First stages.

Working navigation. Banner/contents images. Some work done on the actual pages. Starting with this news page.

Tell me what you think, Suggestions etc.

Thought about a design for the site whilst going to sleep.


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