The Land of the Dead (It's aim)

What is trying to be created with this land of the dead section is a huge database of stuff from the land of the dead (similar to what Essential Monkey Island is doing). In each section there can be many different parts, such as, I'll take Rubacava for instance, there would be information about the place - landmarks climate etc. Information about its population, and other factual details. It will also have ficticious information such as a weekly Rubacava Newspaper, adds from the Blue Casket, mock headlines about whats happening in the town etc.

To achieve this goal, a lot of work must be done and I need the help of other Grim Fandango fans to realise this goal. So if you wish to participate, simply write something - an article, an advertisment, information about characters or items and send it in. You will receive full credit of any work that you do.

You may also wish to control an entire section, such as Rubacava or the Items page. I welcome anyone who wishes to do this. Until I can establish a trust with the person (ie give them the password etc) I will request that all the html, images and any other be zipped and emailed to me. If you wish more information on this please contact me.

Otherwise you may wish to send in information about Easter Eggs or bugs, or any other fan related items eg. pictures, stories etc.

Anything that is sent in would be appreciated. Together we can make this the ultimate guide to Grim Fandango.

Send anything in to this address.

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