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Manny Calavera
You play Manny throughout Grim Fandango. He’s a regular guy serving his time in the Land of the Dead by working for the Department of Death. Manny is a kind of travel agent who can arrange deluxe transportation to the ninth underworld for those who have lived virtuous lives. Unfortunately, all his clients lately seem to be losers, which means no commissions for Manny and no job security. He is starting to suspect that there is dirty work afoot in the Department of Death. Who has it in for Manny? Why can’t he get any good clients?

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The voice of Manny is played by Tony Plana

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Mercedes Colomar
a.k.a. "Meche"
The mystery woman who blows into Manny’s office like a breath of spring, but gives him the cold shoulder. What happened to Meche’s eternal reward? Where does she disappear? Does Manny stand a ghost of a chance with her?

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The voice of Meche is played by Maria Canals

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Domino Hurley
Manny’s competition—the salesman who seems to get all the choice souls. What is his inside track with Don Copal? What is the secret of his success? And why does a skeleton need a punching bag?

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The voice of Domino is played by Patrick Dollaghan

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Manny's driver and companion, Glottis is an enormous, grotesque monster of the underworld with nothing in his heart but love. Love for driving. Love for cars. Love for anything with an engine that moves fast. He is an elemental spirit of the Land of the Dead, summoned from the soil and given one purpose —to drive. Or, to change oil and adjust timing belts if no driving jobs are open. Warning: Never allow Glottis to enter an institution of gambling, or you may never get him out.

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The voice of Glottis is played by Alan Blumenfeld

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She’s secretary to Manny’s boss, Don Copal. Eva is a sharp cookie who feels sorry for Manny, but is anxious to keep her new job. There is more to Eva than meets the eye, though, and she may be moonlighting for someone else. Who is the secret man in Eva’s life? What dirt does she have on Don Copal?

The voice of Eva is played by Rachel Reenstra

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Salvador Limones
The revolutionary leader of the underground movement, the Lost Souls’ Alliance. What are his secret plans? How does Manny fit into his scheme? And what is his strange obsession with pigeon eggs?

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The voice of Salvador is played by Sal Lopez

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Don Copal
Manny’s unscrupulous boss. You could say he makes Manny’s existence a living hell, except Manny’s not alive. The only time we see Don Copal is when he’s yelling at Manny. Does Don Copal have a bone to pick with Manny? Are his deadlines unreasonable? Is his hairline unreasonable?

The voice of Don is played by Michael Sorich

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Hector LeMans
Behind every foe that Manny must face, there is a dark and sinister figure pulling the strings—crime boss Hector LeMans! This ruthless mobster is building an empire out of greed and treachery, but he is devising an even darker scheme that will remain a mystery until the very end!

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The voice of Hector is played by James K. Ward

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